Role of quality assurance in software development

Role of quality assurance in software development

Software development is very creative process. Without monitoring and quality assurance, it is not possible to deliver required product to clients. Before we learn how to give quality assurance we need to understand what is software is quality assurance. Software quality assurance is the process of ensuring the quality of software that it meets the required results and objective of software. ISO 9000 also provides guidelines for quality management regarding software industry.

Role of quality control

Error Reduction:

Quality assurance process helps to reduce the chances of bugs and errors in software development. You can identify error at start and can resolve the issues on spot. It helps to avoid delays at end of project.

Error Prevention:

It helps to prevent errors because when quality assurance go side by side, it is very easy to prevent error. Error prevention is very important important because problems are identified at very early stage. And software engineers take care of all problems in their mind during development.

Meet client requirement:

It helps to enable the team to meet client requirement. Even if you plan well, there is still chance you may not deliver the final product according to client expectation. You need to test the structure of project on continuous basis. If development team keep going in wrong direction and there is no quality check. It may result in failure or delay in project.

Avoid failure:

It helps to reduce the chance of failure of project. Quality assurance is key to success of project. Client is always concerned about timely delivery of project. If quality control is weak and final product is not as client was expecting. Then client may not give extra time and terminate the contract. So quality assurance process is very important part of project delivery.

Practical implementation:

It also help to improve the understanding of practical implementation of software in industry. Majority of softwares fail when they actually implemented in real companies. Quality assurance is solution to this problem. Software should be tested in multiple real scenarios. Testing should have professional scepticism to question or test the product practicability.

Improve brand image:

Quality assurance process helps to improve brand image of your company. Every successful project is promotion of company in market. Quality assurance team should perform testing in a way that finalised product should 99% accurate in term of design and functionality. At end your developed product will speak in market with your brand name.


Quality assurance is not the name of 100% accurate testing. But it should be reasonable testing of product which is acceptable to client. And it is sound in term of design and functionality. Business world has come into conclusion that

it is not possible to maintain quality and timely delivery of software without efficient and effective quality assurance.