Hurdles in team management

Hurdles in team management

Team is group of people working together with a common objective. It is not compulsory that highly skilled people can make very good. Yes they can if they compatible with each other. Group is different than team because people have different objectives in group. Common objective is key for effective team.

Team management is basically division of project into different tasks and each task is performed by separate team member. But each task is connected with one another to finalize the whole project.

There are various hurdles which are faced by managers in real life. These are as follows

Strict boss:

Team leader should be a mentor rather than just strict boss. It is very important for team that every member of team should follow the direction of team leader. If boss is very strict and he always disgrace work efforts may result in low morale of employees.

Less Communication:
Teamwork involves timely communication with all team members. All team members should participate in meetings and discussion to find out solution of problems. Where ideas are not taken from team members, it is very difficult to build effective team.

Compatibility problems:

There are normally different people with different attitudes and different expertise in team. Majority of teams face compatibility issues while working with each other. Members should coordinate with each other to achieve final objective.

Dirty Politics:

Politics is very common in corporate culture. It is very big hurdle in building effective team. People in team pull each other’s leg and create problems in progress of work. They blame each other just to put stop on other member’s work. Dirty politics can be dangerous and team cannot achieve its objective in such a scenario.

Lack of monitoring:

If a team leader is not monitoring the progress of team in a regular manner, it may results in delays and errors in work of team. It is very important to monitor the progress of team. It helps to keep the pace of work and morale of team members.

Lack of rewards:

Normally team leaders follow the strict guidelines and impose strict deadlines without any bonus or reward. It causes demotivation among team members. Team leader should offer bonuses to achieve results.


Team is much better option than working alone. But if team management is poor, you cannot achieve your desired results. Team leader should be senior and reliable person. There should be communication and coordination among team members. Most important, all team members should have common goal.